Why Is LASIK Eye Surgery So Popular?

LASIK eye surgery, which can be a vision correction procedure, is quite popular for two key reasons - post-surgery recovery period is relatively short and the surgery not only takes about 15 minutes per eye but it’s comparatively a painless operation. It is quite common for patients to regain their vision the day after being worked on.

LASIK is actually not a new process for it has been around since the early 1980s. It was quite unknown then because the processes requires manually dissecting the cornea rather than many physicians could handle it. But with the advent of technology, lasers were used instead and LASIK sprang to life as it could correct eyesight fast and painlessly.

The surgery process itself

The surgery essentially involves creating a flap in the cornea. Surgeons utilize either a microkeratome or laser to accomplish this undertaking. When the flap is created, it’s return to gain access into the layers underneath. Once that is done, the flap is put to its original position. The whole process generally takes around 15 minutes or less.

LASIK is excellent for both farsighted and nearsighted people because lasers can be used to reshape the cornea. That’s the reason why people with eye problems such as astigmatism normally go for LASIK although astigmatism can be treated with other procedures, based on the severity of the problem and budget.

What happens after the operation is finished?

There’s not any need to stay overnight in the hospital. The operation itself takes about 15 minutes or less and a couple of hours rest is often deemed adequate. They are then going to be discharged and rest. Standard procedure is to eye-shield the eye for a day following the surgery. Do note that LASIK Weslaco after the operation, there may be some annoyance. Pain relievers are often utilized to treat this ordinary issue. Some have watery eyes, itchiness or feel using a fuzzy vision but it’s very ordinary. Just remember to not rub the eyes since it could damage the corneal flap.

When to resume play and work

Patients often feel that they could resume work per day or two after the surgery but the stakes thing to do would be to break for a week and refrain from activities that may strain the eyes. Refrain from indulging in contact sports too, until a month or so has passed to enable the eyes to heal correctly.

Go for a check-up

Eye check-up is usually required couple of days after the surgery, and doctors will typically prescribe the use of eye drops to include swelling or infections. Stay clear of contact lenses unless the physician has given the green light.